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Pretty In Pink

For all of you women that have preconceived notions that the color pink is strictly for children: dismiss that stigma completely! There’s so many different shades of pink and tons of ways to incorporate it into your outfit, without making you look like a fairy princess. Though pink is a super prim color, there are certainly ways to tone down the “girliness”. Here are a few guidelines you may want to follow when wearing this color: Choose Your Shade Accordingly The shade of pink you decide to wear can make or break your look. Going with the wrong shade can and will

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White on White

  An all-white outfit is truly the ideal summer-time look! It’s clean, crisp, super chic, and pretty much anyone can pull it off. Whether it’s pure white, ivory, or egg shell, you’re certainly guaranteed an elegant and luxurious look. There’s so many different ways you can wear all white. Regardless of how you decide to take a stab at this trend, make sure you integrate different textures into your outfit so that it won’t look too bland and flat. Experimenting with textures will definitely make for a more exciting look. Another tip for pulling off this look is layering! Layering will aid

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Laced up

Feminine, flirty, and dainty: lace is a trend that will live on forever. Some people view lace as too risque or too sexy but we over at Which Looks Better certainly beg to differ! Lace can be pulled off in the classiest of ways. It doesn’t have to be too revealing. It can be extremely romantic and and womanly when worn correctly. You have to be very careful when styling lace because it can get cheap-looking very easily and that’s definitely not the look you want to achieve! You gotta keep it tasteful. Here’s a few tips on how to

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Bring On the Bodysuits

Can you think of anything better than an article of clothing that’s pretty much a one-piece bathing suit, but can be casually worn on the street? I can’t! The return of the late 80’s are among us. Bodysuits are predicted to be a huge trend in 2016 (if they aren’t already that is). Tons of retailers have sections designated specifically to bodysuits. You CANNOT go wrong with one. It fits perfectly under everything. Skirts, shorts, skorts, jeans… you name it. That may certainly be one of the best parts about it: there’s no tucking involved. You may struggle to use the

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Get Into the M i d i

The midi skirt is the perfect flirty, feminine addition to your spring wardrobe. They’re just the right length for the more conservative fashionista. They typically hit right below the knee or maybe slightly longer, hitting the shin. There’s fitted midis and then there’s easy, free-flowing midis. Which ever you prefer is up to you! The number one rule when wearing a midi is to always wear some type of heeled shoe. Flats are a no go! Now they don’t have to be 4-inch heels, but you should definitely have some type of elevation to prevent from looking dowdy and stumpy. A

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Pastels Galore

Spring is slowly, but surely approaching in New York City, so that means it’s time to start incorporating pastel tones back into your wardrobe (that’s if you’re not a fashion rebel and haven’t already been wearing them all fall and winter). Dusty pinks, mints, light blues, peachy oranges, lilacs, and soft yellows will definitely add a delicate and subtle feel to any outfit. These hues simply exude tenderness and femininity with every wear. They look great in lightweight fabrics such as silk, lace, and chiffon and they look equally as great in heavier fabrics like leather, neoprene, and tweed. Although, how you

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