With today being the second official day of spring, it’s about time to start gradually incorporating some spring pieces into your wardrobe with warmer months right on the horizon. A huge trend for spring spotted during New York Fashion Week were ruffles. Ruffles were seen in runway shows of Tome, Zimmermann, and J.crew, just to name a few. It’s safe to say that this frilly and romantic trend is a must have for your spring attire. This once child-like trend has been completely made over in the world of high fashion which subsequently has trickled down to the world of fast fashion making for super affordable and chic ruffle-style pieces.

Pairing a ruffled top with jeans or even leather bottoms can negate the childhood remnants that can sometimes accompany a ruffles piece. The trick is to keep it structured and make the ruffles the main point in your entire outfit. Do this and you’ll be sure to nail this trend. Below are a few images for inspiration to get you started and, like always, Which Looks Better is here to help you pick the ‘ruffle’ look that’s best for you!

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