Surely most of you know that in the world of fashion: nothing is new under the sun! With that being said this 90’s trend is making a comeback at such an appropriate time. Velvet is a must-have for this fall/winter season! Aside from being an insanely warm material… it’s also super cute and comes in a variety of colors and product types! From bombers, to mini skirts, to loafers… you can test out this trend with complete ease. Once you try it out, you’re going to want to indulge even more because who wouldn’t want to wear such an alluring and luxurious fabric? Here are a few tips to get you started on wearing this trend (if you haven’t started already that is):


  1. Wear velvet in the form of a dress if you aren’t all that sure of how to pull off this trend. This is one of the simplest ways to incorporate velvet into your outfit. Velvet dresses come in a range of different styles from skater to body-con, so it will be a breeze finding a fit that is just right for you! Pair the dress with some booties and a fedora or even heels with a small clutch depending on the occasion. Although, make sure you keep the accessories at a minimum because you don’t want to look too holiday party-ish.
  2. Velvet shoes are another great way to join in on this trend! For those of you that feel like the material will be too overbearing in the form of clothing this is ideal for you! Make the velvet shoes the statement of your outfit by pairing them with something simple like a solid-colored blazer, button down, and trousers.
  3. Try a velvet jacket. Velvet blazers and jackets are perfect finishing touches to any outfit. You can dress them down with some jeans, patent leather booties, and a white t-shirt or dress them up with a chiffon top, pencil skirt, and pumps. It all depends on your personal style!


We hope these tips were helpful but, like always, if you run into a little trouble in styling that perfect velvet outfit, Which Looks Better is here to help!