A classic and timeless trend that can be worn all year long, satin is the way to go for that added touch of glamour to any outfit. This soft, delicate, and shiny fabric makes for the perfect lightweight outfit in the spring and summertime but can additionally be worn with a fur or leather coat during the colder months; or even in the form of a coat actually! It may be hard to incorporate this material into an every day outfit being that the fabric is often used for lingerie or cocktail dresses, but it is certainly doable and should now be viewed as a year-long choice to integrate into your wardrobe! Whether it’s in the form of a dress, blouse, pants, or outerwear like mentioned before, this trend is definitely one worth taking a stab at. Here are a few tips to make this trend a more practical choice in your daily wardrobe:

Keep it Minimal

Satin by itself already makes a statement so you don’t want to do too much when putting together an outfit that includes this fabric. Go for a neutral color and pair it with some jeans or maybe even printed pants or skirt with a solid shoe to bring it all together.

Tone It Down

Being that satin has typically been known as a material to only be worn in the night time, you may want to tone it down with a casual piece if you decide to wear it during the day. Pair a satin dress with a leather jacket and some booties for an edgy, chic look. On the other hand, you can pair a satin button down with cropped trousers and oxfords.

Fit Matters

In terms of a satin dress, it is imperative that you make sure you find the right size. It should be fitted but not clingy, nor should it be too big. It should be right in the middle and perfectly fit to your shape. As far as blouses and jackets go, they can be either fitted or slightly oversized depending on the type of look you are trying to achieve.

These were just a few tips on wearing this trend during the day time, but there’s much less restriction when it comes to a night out on the town! And like always Which Looks Better is here to help you pick the look that’s best for you! Here is some inspiration to get you started: