Which Looks Better?

Get ready to look your best! Be confident in your fashion and beauty decisions. Post two looks from your camera and you'll see which style gets the most votes. Vote on other people's looks and give suggestions. Get style inspiration as you scroll down your newsfeed. Like a user's style? Follow them.


Get insights on fashion and beauty in real time from people in your community, at Which Looks Better. Be confident about how you look and never be a fashion victim.

Give friends that much needed input to help solve their fashion dilemmas, let them know which outfit, make-up, hairstyle or accessories look best. Your input will help them decide and leave home confident that they selected the best style for the day.

Get fast advice on the best outfit for the day.

  • Use Which Looks Better?:

    Before going on a date
    What to wear to work or an important interview
    For a new school outift
    Test out which selfie looks best
    Dating app profile pics
    For party looks
    New hairstyles
    The best make up looks


    Star your favorite looks to reference them later
    Compete to be one of the most popular looks
    Follow users whose style inspires you


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About WLB


I had the idea for Which Looks Better? to solve my own fashion indecisiveness. I was never confident that I picked the right outfit or even that my clothes and accessories matched. With Which Looks Better? I feel much more confident that I'm looking my best. I've found that I can use Which Looks Better? for all aspects of my life - date outfits, work wardrobe, decorating my apartment, changing my hairstyle....

Thank you for downloading. I hope you find Which Looks Better? as addicting as I do!

TRINITY GRIFFIN - Social Media and Marketing Manager

I am currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In May 2015, I received my Associate's Degree in Fashion Merchandising and I am now working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Advertising, Marketing, and Communications. When I was first interviewed for this position and Jamie explained the idea of "Which Looks Better?" to me, all I could think was "Why didn't someone think of this sooner?!" The concept is amazing and I was truly excited to be able to aid in getting the app out there! I have a year and change in styling experience and even I find myself sometimes texting my best friends pictures of different outfits asking them the million dollar question "Which Looks Better?" Some reassurance never hurts and that's exactly What Which Looks Better? looks to give our users!

TODD MUSGROVE - Consultant

Todd has been working with Which Looks Better since 2012 as a business advisor and partner. His digital marketing and mobile development agency, Flight Digital Media, has also provided marketing and development services in the early stages of the company's development. Todd's knowledge and experience has been instrumental in bringing the mobile application to market and developing the user community.

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